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Xsellarate's Mission

“Our mission is to save small businesses in America time and resources by accelerating their foundational growth, and to help them avoid the common financial pitfalls of processing their transactions."

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The Xsellarate Story

We are a team of entrepreneurs who faced a particular set of challenges when running our previous ventures. We noticed there was a large amount of work associated with maintaining websites, SEO, and marketing efforts. When running a small business, these activities take a significant amount of time out of a business owner's day and become taxing on operations. We were equally frustrated with the amount of overhead that we were expending monthly on credit card processing. This was eventually the inspiration for the creation of the Xsellarate Platform. These issues, conjoined with our passion for small business is what drives our team and our mission.


Our leadership team's experience across many disciplines and industries allows Xsellarate to provide a deep level of consultative benefits to your small business. Our expertise extends a combined total of 45 years of industry experience in merchant services and financial industries, 35 years of combined industry experience in marketing & SEO, and 25 total years of combined experience as professional consultants. 


Unlike many other merchant service companies, we created a business model that incentivizes the growth of your business, instead of preying on contract adjustments and fine print. We treat our merchants like partners and are focused on assisting in stimulating small business activity. Small business is our passion, and is why we offer solutions that are tailored to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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