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Xsellarate - About

Our Mission

“Our mission is to save small businesses in America time and resources by accelerating their foundational growth, and to help them avoid the common financial pitfalls of processing their transactions."

Our Purpose

“We give merchants access to affordable credit processing solutions and web services which have become necessary in modern operating landscapes. We recognized the need for small business owners to limit what they pay for credit processing as every penny counts when getting off the ground. Administrative tasks, web development, and SEO are necessary in modern day business and require a large allocation of resources and time.


Our Merchant Growth Programs allow small businesses to disseminate these tasks and get back to the work that really matters. Running their business. We value the passion and drive of entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere, it is our vision to enable their growth through the expansion of their business.”

Xsellarate - About
Xsellarate - About

Our Story

“As a team of knowledgeable entrepreneurs we analyzed reoccurring issues within our past ventures. We recognized that many small business issues stem from incorrectly allocated time and operating budget deficit. With recent changes in banking regulations and state law we recognized the benefit of Cash Discount and how it relates best to small business operators. With our leadership’s experience in the Merchant Services, Marketing, and Consulting industries we developed the Xsellarate Platform to give our clients money, time, and confidence back so they could continue doing what they do best. Running their business.


We discovered that combining Cash Discount with a Professional Web Services Team allowed our model to create an incentive that promotes growth for the businesses we serve. Utilizing our years of experience, we are able to become services providers and consultants for business owners and grant access to resources and knowledge that allows them to scale their business. Our passion is your passion, we were lucky enough to discover a platform that allows us to explore both.”


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and how we are able to save small business owners $1,000's annually on credit processing.
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