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Meet Our Leadership Team

Xsellarate - Meet The Team

Peter Cucinotti


Pete Cucinotti is an established figure within the payment processing industry. Years of hands on experience with a number of merchant service providers, processing banks, and other financial institutions, he is the one stop shop for everything associated with payment processing. As the cofounder and President of Xsellarate, Pete carries a strong passion with assisting business owners hands on. Having seen the numerous complications that merchants have to overcome, Xsellarate was established with the goal to simplify what is normally a complicated task for the everyday business owner.

Xsellarate - Meet The Team

Lee Alava


Lee Alava is a seasoned veteran in the merchant services and financial industries with decades of experience owning and operating various enterprises. He is responsible for organization structure here at Xsellarate and is the visionary for the execution of overall purpose and mission of the organization.

Xsellarate - Meet The Team

Jon Millikan

VP of Operations

Jon Millikan is an established entrepreneur who has spent 10 years helping small business owners achieve their dreams of opening their small businesses. Formerly the CEO of ViaVibe Marketing Solutions, Jon has developed practical and effective solutions for strategy pertaining to marketing, product development, sales, and organization structure.

Xsellarate - Meet The Team

Jackson Stafford

Head of Marketing

Jackson Stafford has spent the last 10 years working with major production companies and marketing agencies. As a former member of the Anaheim Ducks Organization, Jackson developed a comprehensive integrated approach which leverages positioning with partnerships and storytelling to deliver congruent messaging. As the leading marketing figurehead at Xsellarate, Jackson and his team will serve as GTM and TOM consulting support resource for your business.

Xsellarate - Meet The Team
Xsellarate - Meet The Team
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