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Zero Cost Processing For Small Business

Eliminate 100% of Processing Fees by Rewarding Cash Transactions

The Future Of Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing
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A Whole New Look On How Your
Business Accepts Payments

Our innovative platform allows your business to accept credit cards at No Processing Cost To The Merchant. Our Merchant Growth Programs allow merchants to pass fees along to their customers eliminating credit card processing fees.

The Xsellarate Cash Discount System allows merchants to offset your merchant service fees without increasing your sale price

Cash Discount

Cash Discount

Slash 100% of Fees
Tradtional Processing


Through TSYS and FirstData we are able to offer the most competitive rates for conventional processing

Interchange Plus 0%

Our Merchant Growth Programs Include

Merchant Processing + Web Services + SEO

A one-stop shop that delivers money back to your business and essential webservices to grow your business

Cash Discount
Web Services
Cash Discount
Cash Discount

Cash Discount

​The Xsellarate Cash Discount System allows merchants to offset your merchant service fees without increasing your sale price

Available in all 50 states

Easy to order, set up, and manage

No change in transaction process

Collect 100% of your processing sales

Next day funding

Web Services

Web Services

Our Professional Web Services Team builds and manages your online digital assets, giving time back to focus on your operation

Web design / redesign

Social media integration strategy

UI/UX implementation & strategy

Web hosting services

Ecommerce integrations


Professional SEO

Our Professional SEO Team builds and establishes a strong digital presence for your business and brand

Google site indexing

Monthly in depth reporting

Website content optimization

Keywords, backlinks, and citations

Omni-channel alignment

Clover System Xsellence

Clover POS is the perfect solution for small business and retail. Combined with our Cash Discount Programs, we offer free Clover POS equipment allowing your business to save capital immediately.

Card readers and Mobile payments

Card Readers & Mobile Payments

Clip art cash

Limit Card Payments & Promote Cash

Location Pins

Multiple Locations & Store Fronts


A Variety Of Equipment + Kitchen Displays

Hang holding a % sign

Eliminate Transaction Fees

Shopping cart online shopping cart

Online Ordering & Digital Ordering

The average cost for a single Clover Station Duo is $2,135. Xsellarate ensures that capital is returned to where it belongs. 

Your Wallet.

Xsellarate and Clover with red X in middle

You Love Your Customers. Start Loving Your Merchant Service. Grow Your Business, Not Your Budget.

clover terminals.png
SkyTab POS

New Equipment For Advanced POS Needs

All the benefits of Toast POS, without credit card processing fees. 

Xsellarate now offers SkyTab POS and equipment free of charge for our merchants on Cash Discount Programs. SkyTab allows merchants to retain all of the advanced functionality of POS systems they love like Toast, Aloha, Lightspeed, Touch Bistro, Revel and more, without sacrificing on limited options for payment processing.

The average cost for a restaurant using Toast Credit Processing, who processes $100,000/month: 


Toast POS

The average cost for a restaurant using Xsellarate Credit Processing + SkyTab, who processes $100,000/month: 


SkyTab POS x Xsellarate

You Love Your Customers. Start Loving Your Merchant Service. Grow Your Business, Not Your Budget.

Hear From
Our Satisfied

Customer Reviews
"Our printing business was less than a year old in a very competitive market and this program helped us set up a website and get ranked higher on google searches. We were very pleased with the Xsellarate team."

Alexa Young | Owner of NLD Graphics & Printing, CA

We Are Small Business

We helped these businesses put resources and time back into their operation. Saving 100% on credit processing provides freedom to grow your business, not your budget.

Current Customers

California Business Journal

Discover our publication on "How Exsellarate 'Moves The Needle' For Small Business Owners" in the California Business Journal. See how we are changing the landscape for small business owners everywhere. 

New York City

How We Help

A short video illustration our process and how we are able to help merchants.

Process With Purpose

At Xsellarate our mission is to empower businesses to process with a purpose. We strive to provide innovative payment solutions that not only streamline transactions, but also drive positive social and environmental impact, enabling our clients to make a meaningful difference in their communities. 

Xsellarate is a proud sponsor of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. A portion of our proceeds go towards supporting our nation's greatest heroes and their families. Our passion for small business and patriots is echoed in the foundations that we support. Our Veterans, Public Safety Heroes, and Small Business Owners are what keep the United States moving. It is our mission to promote these patriots.


Xsellarate takes great pride in its commitment to supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to aiding individuals and families affected by multiple sclerosis. Our dedication to this cause mirrors our deep passion for making a difference in the lives of those battling this disease.

People living with multiple sclerosis belong to our Xsellarate Family network. We believe in the strength and resilience of these individuals and their families. Together, we are dedicated to raising awareness, offering support, and advancing research to improve the lives of those impacted by multiple sclerosis.


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By Industry

Restaurants & Retail - Savings
Restaurants & Retail - Savings
Professional Services - Savings
Professional Services - Savings
Private Practice - Savings
Private Practice - Savings
Health Beauty & Wellness - Savings
Health Beauty & Wellness - Savings
Home Services & Auto - Savings
Home Services & Auto - Savings
Liqour & Convenience Stores - Savings
Liqour & Convenience Stores - Savings
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