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Advantages of Starting with Cash Discount Processing

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For merchants opening a new credit card processing account, implementing cash discount processing from the beginning has immense benefits over traditional credit card processing models. Cash discounts can significantly impact your merchant services costs and bottom line revenue. Here’s a deeper look at the key advantages of launching your business with cash discount programs in place:

Lower Processing Fees Mean Higher Profit Margins

One of the biggest challenges with accepting credit card payments is the processing costs involved. Every time a customer pays with a credit card, merchants get hit with fees called interchange fees. These fees range from 1.5% to 3% of the total transaction amount. So for a $100 sale, you pay $1.50 - $3 just to process the card payment. These fees really add up, eating into your profit margins.

With cash discount processing, you can reduce your processing fees substantially by incentivizing cash and check payments. Every cash or check sale you bring in through discounts is one less card transaction you have to pay a percentage fee on. You only pay the discount rate (such as 2%) on those cash/check sales instead of the higher card fees.

By starting out with cash discounts in place, you save significantly on fees from the very first payment transaction your business processes. Less fees means increased revenue and stronger profit margins. These savings really add up over time, making your business more profitable.

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Use Discounts to Attract Customers from Competitors

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Everyone loves getting a discount or deal! So cash discounts can be used as a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers and build loyalty. Especially when first starting out, you can leverage discounts to pull customers away from competitors in your area who aren’t offering the same incentive. The cash discount gives you a strategic competitive advantage.

Make sure to promote your cash discount program clearly on your store cash discount signage, website, social media, and any print/digital ads. Use it as a key message in your marketing campaigns, and tout the fact that your business offers 1% or 2% off for cash-paying customers. This discount will appeal to bargain shoppers and bring in more sales volume.

Over time, cash-paying customers will come to prefer your business over competitors because they save money with your discount. The discount can be a key driver in getting new customers to switch over to your company. Starting with this incentive early makes it a core part of your value proposition.

Check out more feedback on cash discount programs here:

Drive More Cash Sales from the Beginning

Not only do cash discounts attract customers, but they actually encourage behavior change by incentivizing more cash and check transactions. When customers know they’ll save money paying with cash or check, many will actively shift their behavior to take advantage of the deal.

Starting with cash discounts helps drive cash transaction volume from the very first week your doors are open. You establish this cash-friendly payment culture early. The more cash sales you can bring in, the fewer card transactions you’ll have to pay processing fees on.

Experts estimate merchants can shift anywhere from 20% to 40% of purchases over to cash or check with an appealing discount offer. That’s a dramatic reduction in your credit card processing volume - which directly lowers your overall fees.

Avoid Costly Transitions Later On

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Many merchants don’t initially realize the magnitude of credit card processing costs. So they start accepting cards without cash discounts in place. But down the road when expenses pile up, they want to make changes.

Transitioning to cash discount processing after the fact often involves buying new equipment, retraining staff, and disrupting ingrained customer behavior. You can avoid all those headaches by simply starting with cash discounts already configured.

Work with your processor to have cash discounting programmed into your POS systems and procedures during initial setup. Get it ingrained from day one, so it becomes the standard customers expect. Avoid expensive transitions later by making discounts part of your foundation.

Seamless, Turnkey Implementation

Reputable credit card processors like Xsellarate, FattMerchant or Stax, and Dharma Merchant Services offer turnkey implementation of cash discount programs for new merchants. They handle setting up your merchant services account, equipment programming, staff training, and all the technical details involved.

You just provide business info like your average transaction size, industry type, and volume. Their team handles the rest to seamlessly establish your customized cash discount rate and program. There’s no integration headache on your end.

Starting with an experienced cash discount provider ensures everything is configured correctly from the outset. You get a compliant, optimized program that runs smoothly. And your staff will find accepting and processing the discounts very simple with good training.

Compliance with Card Network Regulations

Top processors strictly adhere to the cash discount regulations from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and other card networks. They keep up with regulation changes and fine-tune programs to remain compliant. This protects you from fines, penalties and other costly violations.

By starting with an established, vetted cash discount program, merchants avoid compliance headaches down the road. Make sure your provider has a track record of smoothly implementing compliant cash discount programs for clients in your specific industry.

Look for processors that include legal signage, documentation and registration with card networks as part of initializing your merchant services account. This ensures your discounts meet all requirements from the start.

Bottom Line Savings

At the end of the day, the number one benefit of launching with cash discount processing is the dramatic bottom line savings for your business. The discounts will quickly pay for themselves many times over by lowering your daily credit card processing fees.

Experts estimate merchants save 10% to 40% on their processing costs with qualified cash discount programs. When you reduce fees by 1% to 2% across thousands of card transactions, that adds up fast.

Starting with discounts in place means you reap these savings immediately at launch, rather than leaving money on the table. Your profit margins will benefit tremendously over the long run.

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Check out one of our most recent success stories All Angles Brand, and discover how we were able to reduce bottom line cost and increase revenue:

Getting Started on the Right Foot

To maximize the benefits described above, be sure to take these steps when establishing your new merchant services account:

  • Thoroughly research cash discount providers and select one with strong program performance and compliance.

  • Provide detailed information on your business model, industry, and processing volume for an optimal program.

  • Work closely with your provider through every implementation step of configuring software, training staff, etc.

  • Advertise and promote your new cash discount program to customers through marketing campaigns online and offline.

  • Compare your credit card processing statements weekly at first to ensure discounts are applied correctly.

Starting your merchant services off right with a qualified cash discount program will reap big rewards. Say goodbye to excessive card fees and maximize your profit margins from the very first transaction! Visit Xsellarate Same Day Quote to get started today.

FAQ On Starting Early With Cash Discount

Can I still accept credit cards when offering cash discounts?

Yes, merchants can accept all major credit cards at the standard price alongside cash discounts.

How much can I discount cash payments?

Do customers see discounts as a surcharge on card payments?

Do cash discounts impact my taxes or accounting?

Can I stop cash discounts in the future if I want?

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Jon Millikan

Expert Analyst & Contributor

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