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How to Choose The Right Clover Cash Discount Application

Choosing either cHooZ or TRNXN

If you're a business owner with a Clover point-of-sale (POS) system, implementing a cash discount program can help you save significantly on credit card processing fees. With the right app, you can seamlessly integrate cash discounts into your existing Clover device. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best cash discount app for your business? In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to find and implement the ideal Clover cash discount program.

What is a Cash Discount Program?

A cash discount program allows you to offer lowered prices to customers who pay with cash or debit cards. You can set a discount percentage (typically from 2-4%) that will be deducted from the total for non-credit card transactions.

This allows you to pass your credit card processing fees onto credit card users rather than building those costs into your overall pricing. Cash and debit card customers get a deal, while you reduce your processing expenses. It's a win-win!

Benefits of Using Cash Discounts

Implementing cash discounts on your Clover POS system has many benefits for your business:

  • Saves money on processing fees - This is the main advantage. Credit card fees can really add up, especially for small businesses with tight profit margins. Cash discounts allow you to significantly reduce these costs.

  • Rewards customers for using cash/debit - Many customers will appreciate getting a discount for paying with cash or debit. This can increase loyalty to your business.

  • Increases cash flow - More cash transactions means faster access to revenue for reinvesting in your business. Credit card payments can take days to process.

  • Simple to implement - With the right app, integrating cash discounts into your existing Clover POS is quick and easy. No major overhaul needed.

  • Completely legal - Cash discounts are legal in all states as long as they are offered to all customers. Surcharges for credit card use are illegal in some states.

As you can see, adding cash discounts to your Clover device makes sense for most businesses. The key is finding the best application for implementing your program.

Choosing the Right Cash Discount App

There are a variety of apps available that allow you to add cash discount capabilities to Clover devices. Which one is right for your business? Here are the key factors to consider:

1. Simple Integration

You want an app that integrates seamlessly with your Clover POS system. It should be quick and easy to set up. The app should handle all the calculations in the background while transactions continue to process normally on the front-end.

2. Customizable Options

Look for an app that offers flexibility in setting cash discount percentages. You may want to set different discounts for cash vs debit payments. Tiered options based on order total are also useful.

3. Robust Reporting

Make sure the app provides reporting on cash discount usage and savings. You want visibility into how much you are reducing credit card processing fees for better financial management.

4. Additional Features

Some cash discount apps offer additional features like the ability to send customized digital receipts highlighting the customer's savings. Helpful management features like staff overrides are also useful.

5. Seamless Customer Experience

A key objective is maintaining a seamless customer experience. Make sure the cash discount app integrates smoothly without disrupting normal payment processing from the customer's perspective.

6. Trusted Reputable Provider

Vet the app provider carefully. You want a trusted partner known for reliable support. They should have a track record of excellent service and responsiveness in case any issues arise.

7. Cost Effective Pricing

Watch out for apps that nickel and dime you with setup fees, hidden charges, etc. Look for simple transparent pricing with no surprises. Cost effective pricing allows you to maximize your processing savings.

Top Cash Discount Apps for Clover

Now that you know what to look for in a cash discount solution, let's review some of the top options on the market:


Cash Discount Plus


Tier 1





Cocoa Cash Discount




Bulk adjust inventory prices. Give discount to customers who pay with cash and/or debit card. Dashboard for admin users.




True Cash Discount


Tier One


Tier One of True Cash Discount brings robust inventory and modifier group price adjustments, a customizable discount button, web portal access, and a dashboard with basic usage analytics to optimize your Clover POS experience.






Free Trial then $5mo

$5.00/month + Pay-per-action fees: $0.02/Traffic Booster Text Reminder - Optional and $0.02/Automatic Scheduled Text Reminders and $0.10/GivePay Mobile Coupon and $0.05/GivePay Transaction Fee

Free 14 Day Trial - Then only $5.00 per month




Cash Discount Professional


Tier 1


Includes all features.




Cash Discount PLUS


Cash Discount PLUS


Customized Cash Discount Solution For All Merchants




Cash Discount


Tier 1





cHooZ Cash Discount


Per month





Cash Discount


Full Subscription


One subscription for all devices in your account!





Cash Discount - TRNXN




Full access to all features of our software, including white-glove support.




Price Change Manager


Unlimited Use


Unlimited Use. Charge per MID




Cash Discount App + Rewards


Tier 1


T2 Cash Discount+CRM


CRM Tools increase productivity and customer retention

Tier 3


Online Marketing Hub +CRM + Rewards, Loyalty, E-Gifting, Promotional Campaigns, Invoicing, Quick Book Sync, Inventory Management

Tier 4


Cash Discount Plus E-commerce Fast Shop Website includes hosting, SSL, Inventory Sync to Clover, Invoicing, Complete CRM

Tier 5


Done for you CRM, E-commerce Shop, automation, Email & SMS marketing, Inventory management, Invoicing, Employee Management, QuickBooks Sync, ShceduleMe Appointments, Reward Loyalty



Xsellarate Cash Discount

Xsellarate offers powerful cash discount application recommendations to seamlessly integrated with Clover devices. Key features include:

  • Easy self-setup with automated configuration

  • Custom discount percentages (up to 4%) for cash vs debit

  • Savings reports itemizing fees avoided from cash discounts

  • Digital receipts highlighting customer savings

  • Chargeback protection and PCI compliance

  • Month to month pricing, no setup fees or early termination fees

Xsellarate is an established merchant services provider with an expert support team and 5-star reputation. Their cash discount app achieves the ideal balance of affordability, customization, and robust integration. It's one of the most popular on the market for good reason - an excellent choice for most merchants.

How to Implement Your Chosen App

Once you've compared the top options and selected the best cash discount app for your Clover POS system, it's time to get it up and running. Here is a general overview of the implementation process:

  • Download the app from the Clover App Market and install on your device

  • Create an account with the app provider if required

  • Configure your cash discount percentages and any advanced settings

  • Ensure the app is enabled and set as the default payment method

  • Process a few test transactions to confirm seamless integration

  • Train staff on processing discounted cash/debit transactions

  • Promote the new cash discount program to encourage customer participation

Be sure to follow any specific setup instructions provided by your app's provider. Reach out to their support team if you have any questions during implementation - they are there to help!

With the app installed and activated, you'll immediately start reaping the benefits of reduced processing costs and happy discounted customers. Just check the app's reporting periodically to confirm it's applying discounts correctly.

Get Started Saving with Xsellarate Today!

Cash discounts are a tested and proven way for businesses to offset expensive credit card fees. And Clover POS offers the perfect platform to integrate this money-saving strategy. The key is picking the right app and provider to implement discounts seamlessly without disrupting operations.

We recommend Xsellarate Cash Discount as the top choice for most Clover merchants. Its unbeatable blend of affordability, seamless integration, and robust features has made it incredibly popular. And Xsellarate's stellar support means you have an expert team ready to assist anytime.

To get started saving money on processing fees with cash discounts on your Clover device, request a quote from Xsellarate today. It takes just minutes to get set up - and the savings will quickly add up!

Clover App & Cash Discount FAQ's

What is a cash discount program?

A cash discount program allows businesses to offer lowered prices, typically 2-4%, to customers who pay with cash or debit cards. This discounts the credit card processing fees from these transactions.

Is this the same as a credit card surcharge?

Are cash discounts legal?

How much can I discount cash/debit transactions?

Do CUSTOMERS need an app to get the discount?

How do I advertise the cash discount program?

How difficult is it to set up cash discounts on my Clover?

What reporting is available on cash discount usage?

Who can I contact for support implementing cash discounts?

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